On Saturday, September 13, 2018, bG Gallery presents “Skyways and Highways,” a solo exhibition by Gay Summer Rick. I love this artist…she has a distinctive painting style, using a palette knife (in place of a brush). Her paintings have a dreamlike quality which feature both urban, yet coastal impressions.

“I have always been inspired by the sea, and also have an unending love for the city, said the artist. “As loud as the city or the ocean may be, the light and atmosphere that comes through in my work is always quiet and calm. There’s something about the water, whether you can see it represented directly in my work or simply suggested in the atmosphere, I’m drawn to it.”
Oct13 2018 bG GaySummerRick Window SeattoJFK OilonCanvas 30x48
Window Seat to JFK, Oil on Canvas, 30×48 inches

Gallery Director Om Bleicher explained how he has watched Gay’s paintings transition from a more traditional landscape into her now signature color-field landscape style. “She showed me some of these works in progress as she was developing the technique it was interesting to see how she worked from the background forward without sketching the images sculpting landscapes out of negative space and I encouraged her to show some of these pieces in their process state.” Gay in turn said she loves working with Bleicher. “Om is a wonderful, kind and interesting person. He has a unique approach in his curatorial projects, and tackles concepts in an out of the box manner.”

She is an environmentally responsible painter. She chooses to use oil paint and palette knives (No brushes, no toxic solvents) to create her work. “This process not only helps me tell a visual story through layers of paint that create history and vibration in the veils of color, it also helps me achieve a goal of being a good steward of the environment.”

You won’t want to miss this exhibit opening on Saturday October 13 2018; A second artist reception takes place November 10, from 5-8pm;

Where: bG Gallery, 3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405
When: October 13, 2018; 6-9pm
Website: http://bgartdealings.com/