de boer gallery presents a solo exhibition and limited edition publication of new paintings by Kirsten Deirup. In her first exhibition with de boer, New York based Deirup presents oil on muslin and gouache on paper paintings that confront the apathy of Hudson River School paintings made famous by artists such as Thomas Cole, Frederich Edwin Church and Albert Bierstadt.

Employing old master glazing techniques, Deirup’s haute couture shoes in a palette of glossy golds and blacks and whites embrace a femininity that rejects the frontier promised by the advertising style landscapes of the Hudson River School. The colossal pumps and knee-high boots–towering to the sky–are a fetish dream as they stand in the vacant landscape. Deirup’s process has evolved out of infatuation and devotion, images appearing at night a sort of divination that suggests a larger whole.

“Michael St. John: Democracy Portraits” is also currently on view and has been extended into 2021; Both exhibitions run thru January, 2021;

What: Exhibitions, Kirsten Deirup, Michael St. John
Where:  de boer gallery, 3311 E. Pico Blvd., LA, 90023