Wilding Cran Gallery hosted an opening reception for “Your Perfect Plastic Heart” by Rogers on May 21, 2022, but you can still view the show through June 25, 2022. The solo exhibition spotlights Fawn Rogers’ aesthetic meditations on the oyster as an allegory of life and death, idolatry and empathy, eros and destruction in the Anthropocene. Remember to check with the gallery for up-to-date covid protocols and guidelines – (proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required).

Imbued with connotations of sensuality, sanctity, and invasion, the oyster has long been portrayed as a symbol of lust, pleasure, opulence, and indulgence. While these creatures are commonly considered luxurious rarities forged by nature, human intervention has subverted the organic process of their beauty and procreation. 

Through an exploration of ecofeminist theory and practice, Fawn Rogers harnesses Your Perfect Plastic Heart to draw upon the confluence of extinction and eroticism, violence and fragility, inherent within the dichotomous relationship between our built environment and the natural world.

On view: May 21, 2022 – June 25, 2022

What: “Your Perfect Plastic Heart” Fawn Rogers
Where: Wilding Cran Gallery, 1700 South Santa Fe Ave, Unit 460, LA, 90021
Phone: 213.553.9190
Website: https://wildingcran.com/