Los Angeles Art Association is proud to present 4 Solo exhibitions at Gallery 825 on May 11 featuring Sol Hill, K. Ryan Henisey, Meghan Quinn and Lorraine Triolo. All Great Art Is Art About Art is Sol Hill’s exhibit of mixed media metagraphs of people looking at art in two of the spokes of the contemporary art world; museums and international art fairs. A metagraph is a process of Hill’s creation which begins by rendering camera generated data to emphasize artifacts produced by false exposure on a digital sensor.
Courtesy of LAAA and artist Sol Hill

False exposure is the product of recording of any energy, outside of visible light, which moves electrons into the pixel ports. The images thus become both a literal and metaphorical meta-vision. This series blends the metagraphic discourse of Sol Hill’s work on perception by joining science, technology, spirituality and art to tangibly present a hint of the energetic thumbprint of the universe we inhabit but are removed from except by scientific instrumentation or rare extra-sensory spiritual experiences with a look at the art-historical discussion of evolving perception.

K Ryan Henisey’s Pantheon is a new body of work representing gods from global mythic traditions. Each of his paintings and installations showcase a mythic being, fragmented into a reliquary-like collages that include framed and unframed works on canvas, paper, and digital media.

Meghan Quinn’s new body of work Stunning Viewsis a contemporary reimagining of the classic WPA posters that highlight our public lands. In the revised views, effects of both climate change and public land grabs are exhibited.

Over the past decade, artist Lorraine Triolo has walked the corridors of art fairs, gallery openings and other art world events around the globe.
Lorraine Triolo, Scope Miami 2018/ Luis Bivar

It was at those events where she developed an eye for seeking out attendees and photographing them posed with large art works. The results are uncanny, unexpected, almost magical images. Triolo now shares these unique images of people mirroring, mimicking or disappearing into the art works with the exhibition People Who Look Like Art. Her serendipitously-dressed subjects include artists and art world luminaries mixed with mostly ordinary civilian enthusiasts, all of whom share a unique sense of style and a desire to be part of the event.

What: Opening reception
Where: Gallery 825, 825 N. La Cienega Blvd., LA, 90069
When: May 11, 2019; 6:00 – 9:00pm
Website: https://www.laaa.org/