Lois Lambert Gallery presents “Illusions and Deceptions,” the newest exhibit of work by sculptor Tom Eckert. The gallery will hosted an opening reception on March 19, 2022. Remember to confirm with gallery all covid protocols and guidelines – (proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required). 

In his artistic practice, Eckert uses several techniques, including laminating, bending, carving, turning, and painting. This latest work of art addresses the ideas of illusion and deception. Forms carved out of wood to appear as cloth reoccur throughout his pieces. He meticulously molds each piece of wood to appear as if it is a pliable piece of cloth. Eckert incorporates this “cloth” with everyday items to create an illusion. Tom believes that covered forms are more evocative than those objects that stand alone. Nodding to the structural qualities of the wood versus real cloth, Eckert says that “a sense of impossible happens — for me, magic.”

On view: March 19, 2022 – May 7, 2022

What: Opening reception, Tom Eckert
Where: Lois Lambert Gallery, Bergamot Station, E-3, 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, 90404
Website: http://www.loislambertgallery.com