Wonzimer Gallery (621 South Olive St. Now or Never Now Los Angeles, CA 90014) presents a solo exhibition of paintings by Los Angeles-born artist Tiffany Livingston.

“Now or Never Now” is a collection of visceral and explosive abstract oil paintings. Livingston creates paintings that encapsulate the serenity and chaos of the cosmos. Proceed with caution and curiosity, for here is a tangible war of polarizing forces. A calamity of nature and destruction, within the wrath of creation – the canvases shapeshift under prolonged inspection.

Her abstractions are individually suggestive of the infinity of potential—isolation, the darkside of nature in its most consuming and purest form. We are reduced to dust, dissolved and reborn, free and limitless. Prepare, then, to enter an unmarked abyss and venture into timelessness where the prehistoric and post-apocalyptic look eerily identical. Now or Never Now.

March 13 – April 3, 2020

Where: Wonzimer Gallery, 621 South Olive St. Now or Never Now LA, 90014
Website: https://www.wonzimer.com/