Tierra Del Sol Gallery presents the solo exhibition of artist John Maull, a Los Angeles County native who has participated in the studios of Tierra Del Sol since 2005.
John Maull, Untitled (15), Mixed Media, ND, 18 x 24″

Maull’s expressive mixed media works are influenced by his personal and cultural histories as well as his dedicated perusal of books and magazines. His impressionistic renderings demonstrate his passion for building visual literacy by investigating imagery and experimenting with texture and form.

Maull creates colorful treescapes from ballpoint pen, colored pencil and paint. These ephemeral works are comprised of layers and redactions that add depth and movement, but also emphasize the experiences he had growing up in a Christian family. In this way, his art practice is an extension of his relationship with his family and his faith. Through ritual repetition, Maull abstracts his trees to distill his subject matter to a qualitative essence.

On view: January 11 – February 23, 2020; Gallery hours: Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm;

Where: Tierra Del Sol Gallery, 945 Chung King Road, LA, 90012
Phone: 213-625-0935
Website: http://tierradelsolgallery.org