When Carnival was re-discovered back in 1979, teen-Sergio and his friends decided to have fun and start creating some mask for this “new” event: this choice led Sergio to become a promoter of the Venetian Carnival and his works to be appreciated and exported worldwide, making him a famous mask artist and a favorite of the movie industry.

Innovative yet faithful to the Venetian mask making tradition, Sergio has always opted for papier-mache and entirely handmade processes. He chose to work with and teach his relatives in order to preserve the knowledge of an art that dates back to the XIII century.

Sergio’s masks and decorations are high quality and entirely handmade and the combination of ancient techniques, passion, and his expertise both as a mask maker and a painter, deliver outstanding results that make his crafts truly unique.

He is renowned for collaborating with the theatre and the cinema, especially through the masks featured in Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes wide shut.” Boldrin showcased his creations in Italy and then abroad, in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

January 11 – February 2, 2020

What: Opening reception
Where: C Gallery Fine Art, 441 E. Broadway, Long Beach, 90802
When: January 11, 2020; 6-9pm;
Phone: 562 619-6084
Website: https://cgalleryfineart.com/