The Venice Art Crawl takes place this Thursday December 20th. Figtree’s Cafe will hold a special tribute event paying homage to Victoria Barcelona


Figtree’s Cafe

(the late owner of Figtree’s Cafe).

See my article in this week’s Santa Monica Mirror about Vicky and how she affected all of us in our Venice community.

The event will run from 6:00 pm till 9:00 pm as part of the Venice Art Crawl. See LA Art Party’s Thursday Events for additional art crawl happenings. Our weekly post goes up every Wednesday at noon.

VACFigtree’s Café has been participating in the crawl since it’s inception. Vicky Barcelona was a big supporter of arts and a kind, sweet spirit. She will be missed. I can speak as a singer/musician, and friend. Vicky hired me to perform jazz at Figtree’s Cafe, she also attended several gigs of mine at other venues. She loved music and the arts.

Vlowres VictoriaBarcelona 2012icky was very involved in booking the artists as part of the Venice Art Crawl. I had the chance to work closely with Vicky. I helped her book many artists at Figtree’s. I sent her links to websites and art for her to review. She always made sure to look through everything and even visited their studios/homes to select the perfect piece for Figtree’s Cafe.

Vicky created a wonderful warm environment for the Venice community to enjoy at Figtree’s Café. If you are not familiar with the Café, it is known for its healthy delicious food, located right on the Venice boardwalk at 429 Ocean Front Walk Venice, at Paloma Ave, two blocks south of Rose.

Figtree’s has been voted the best restaurant on the boardwalk since 1978. Figtree’s has a wonderful happy hour, Monday thru Friday and also has FREE delivery.

Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.

Tonight Figtree’s Café presents a group show featuring three artists/photographers.

ScottTansey onLocationScott Tansey’s panoramic photography is currently on view at Figtree’s.

Tansey’s most recent trip to Patagonia inspired him to capture incredible images of mountain ranges, icebergs and rarely captured landscapes.

A dedicated photographer, Tansy has traveled the world in search of magnificent landscapes.  On expeditions, scott is always the first one up and last to return. Tansey’s work will be on view at the Cafe until January 15th.

Illustrator and portrait artist, Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson, originally from NYC will also be featured.

Padmapuzzo’s works highlight authors and musicians. In keeping with the music theme, he will be showing art featuring Bob Marly, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin and more. (see image, below). FB Page

Plowres NickBusco FreddyMercuryPrinthotographer Nick Busco (see image) will be on view for just this evening. He has had the chance to work with many legendary musicians through the years.

He has toured the world as part of rock’s most infamous road trips with access to stars that many can only dream of. Working closely with renowned performers such as Freddy Mercury, Bonnie Rait, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart and more, he has captured classic images.

Busco currently has his work featured at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Stop into Figtree’s Cafe tonight at the Venice Art Crawl and pay homage to Victoria Barcelona for her unwavering support of art.

What: VAC, Figtree’s Cafe Tribute
Where: 429 Ocean Front Walk
When: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Phone: 310 392-4937