Parrasch Heijnen is pleased to present “Back Rub / Foot Rub,” an exhibition of new works by American artist Xylor Jane (b.1963, Long Beach, CA). This is the gallery’s second solo exhibition with the artist. The solo exhibition runs through March 26, 2021.

XYLOR JANE, 6th Order Magic Square for Apocalypse, 2020, graphite, ink and oil on panel, 43 x 47 inches

Jane’s exploration of unique phenomena found in numbers and patterns produces delicately layered tessellations that achieve mesmerizingly intricate precision. The artist’s paintings on panel reflect a controlled form of chaos utilizing ideas similar to that of pointillism—weight is added in the density of marks, culminating in a complexly resolved image.

This past year’s collective hardships have not left Jane unscathed; 6th Order Magic Square for Apocalypse, 2020 represents the disruption and change in the jagged crystalline forms populating the base. The tones reflect the light and dark of the last year. 2020 was also significant for Jane as the year of 12 days of global palindromes, not seen since the year 1111. Dissent (26 Nesting Prime Palindromes), 2020 shows the miraculousness of nesting palindromes expanding four digits each successive level. The artist notes that the form is reminiscent of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s white dissent collar. Jane adjusts the black and white pyramidal expansion to a panel to fit into concrete, human dimensions. In Moon Dragon, 2020 the ellipses in gradients have meaning and direction as letters on a grayscale. Walking to Your House (Counting by Threes), 2020 playfully follows numbers expanding by three with a surrounding gradient of pink tinged points.

Concurrently on view in the front gallery is a selection of Geometric Cup sculptures (1973-74) by the late American artist Ken Price (1935-2012). These works are presented in direct historical conversation with “Back Rub / Foot Rub.” The fluidity of Price’s rich chromatic range, absorbed and reflected upon the facets of these complexly structured glazed ceramic forms, speaks to the infinite perceptual potential of color – an approach that is at the core of Jane’s formal pursuits.

On view: February 5 – March 26, 2021

What: “Back Rub / Foot Rub”
Where: parrasch heijnen, 1326 South Boyle Avenue, LA, 90023 

When: By appointment
Phone: (323) 943-9373