The COREY HELFORD GALLERY presents “Herakut’s RENTAL ASYLUM,” featuring German graffiti artists and storytellers HERAKUT–HERA (Jasmin Siddiqui) and AKUT (Falk Lehmann). 
FEB24-2018-CHG-HERAKUT-TheUnloved Herakut 2018Herakut, The Unloved

After joining forces in 2004, HERA and AKUT merged their names and styles to collaborate as HERAKUT. Since then, the duo have been painting murals all over the world, along with additional work on canvas, paper and film for gallery and museum shows. Beyond international exhibitions around the world (France, Gaza, Germany and Jordan, among many others), the art of HERAKUT has been featured at live festival showings at Glastonbury (U.K.), Coachella (U.S.) and more. This is the second solo exhibition with the gallery.

“Terra Incognita” opens in Gallery 2 featuring the paintings of Adrian Cox. This new series of oil paintings marks Cox’s first solo show with the gallery.
TT-Feb24-2018-CHG-AdrianCox-Painterwith-SpectralVision-VeiledHealerwithHerbalRemedy-ForgingtheFatherdressAdrian Cox, (from left to right) Painter with Spectral Vision, Veiled Healer with Herbal Remedy, and Forging the Fatherdress

The St. Louis-based painter, scholar and philosopher is a compelling story teller. For his forthcoming exhibition, Cox explained that his new works examine the interconnectedness between human identity and nature, and ultimately serve as a celebration of otherness.

A third solo exhibition titled “SKINWALKER” by Toronto-based artist Troy Brooks will also open in Gallery 3. Influenced by a mixture of classic Hollywood imagery and ancient mythology, Brooks creates surrealistic portraits of elongated women.
TT-Feb24-2018-CHG-TroyBrooks-WaterLily-StarfuckerTroy Brooks, Water Lily and Starfucker

On view: February 24 – March 31, 2018

What: Art Party
Where: COREY HELFORD GALLERY, 571 S. Anderson St. (Enter on Willow St), LA, 90033
When: 7:00pm – 11:00pm