Join Track 16 for a zoom conservation in conjunction with its current exhibition on Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 3pm. The art talk features Galia Linn and curator Anuradha Vikram. A Q&A will follow their discussion. “Beauty Queen, Heartbreaker, High Maintenance.” is the second solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Galia Linn at Track 16. The exhibition features an installation of new sculptures and paintings created during this past year. Open to visitors by appointment. See below to RSVP for the zoom artist talk.

The art of Galia Linn

Galia Linn’s new body of work intimately addresses how tradition and spirituality are imbued in ritual objects, intermingling the notions of both women’s empowerment and human mortality. For decades, Linn has drawn inspiration from neolithic proto cities located in modern-day Southern Turkey, a society whose burial practices involved entombing the bones of deceased community members below the beds of the living, which suggests that there was no separation between life and death. In addition, evidence shows that men and women were equally treated. This exhibition builds on these ideas yet goes in a more personal direction. Because of the enforced isolation of the past year, instead of reaching outward to use distant societies as inspiration for her work, Linn turned inward, thinking about the relationship between life and death within her own cultural upbringing. The work follows Linn’s larger life-long mission of intermingling art and life and creating a seamless combination of the two.

On view: January 23 – March 20, 2021; If you are interested in attending the virtual art talk, CLICK HERE to RSVP. The public can visit the gallery by appointment. CLICK HERE to rsvp.

What: Art Talk
Where: Online, via Zoom (RSVP link above)

When: February 21, 2021 at 3:00pm
Phone: 310-815-8080