Shatto Gallery debuts its first concurrent solo exhibitions, “Time itself,” by Mike Morris, and “GRAIN,” by Anna Erneholm opening in Gallery A and Gallery B, respectively. The gallery hosted an opening reception on February 19, 2022. The exhibitions run through March 19, 2022. Confirm with gallery all covid protocols and guidelines.

Mike Morris, Tidewater, Itsukushima, Japan, 2019, 35″ x 43.25″, Pigment Print

“Time itself.” (Gallery A) will feature selected photography works of Morris’ visits to New Mexico (USA), Italy, and Japan during 2018 – 2019. Over the years, Mike Morris’s photographs have documented sites of his travel destinations, depicting prominent monuments and its grandeur. His recent works in Time itself. have shifted to focus on the indexical markers of the elemental, making the unseen, seen and deviating from the larger context of place.

“GRAIN “(Gallery B) will be artist Anna Erneholm’s first time exhibiting with the gallery in a solo show featuring her wooden sculptures. Erneholm’s sculptures are abstract and figurative, in a continual search and development of the language of form. The works featured in GRAIN balances forms that are fluid and lyrical through a process that is physical and time consuming. Using heavy machinery that utilizes intimidating power, Erneholm finishes with a soft repetition of smoothing with sandpaper. Erneholm maneuvers around knots of tree trunks to form negative spaces and specific forms–characterizing her openness to organic traits of the whole wood trunk. Such traits can also be seen in her works Olive via Olive wood and Liv via Carob wood. The resulting pattern is a result derived from a negotiation of the wood’s characteristics with the artist’s visioned form.

Remember to confirm with gallery all covid protocols and guidelines -(proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required).

On view: February 19 – March 19, 2022

What: Mike Morris, Anna Erneholm
Where: Shatto Gallery, 3130 Wilshire Blvd #104, Los Angeles, CA 90010; (Free parking is available at the rear of the building. Entrance on Shatto PL)
Phone: 213-277-1960