MORE ART HERE hosts a casual open studios event with 25 artists opening their studios while they work at the Santa Monica Art Studios. This has become an annual event taking place during Art Los Angeles Contemporary (happening directly across the street at the Barker Hangar – ALAC is one of LAArtParty’s Top Ten picks). So be sure to stop by SMAS. Visitors are invited to CONNECT + COLLECT directly. During the weekend, art enthusiasts, patrons and curators are invited to look inside the artists’ studios where residents will be on hand to talk about their work from conceptually driven to traditional mediums; painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry design and video.
The event will also showcase guest artists in the North and South Hangar galleries and a special 4 day only pop-up exhibition, “Estimated Time of Arrival” curated by Kristin Zethren featuring the resident artists of the Santa Monica Art Studios in Arena 1, the main gallery.

Participating artists (In order of studio numbers) 1 Yossi Govrin, 2 Sally Lamb, 3 Krista Augius, 3 Rachel Chu, 4 Crystal Michaelson, 4 Daniela Schweitzer, 5 Judith Golden, 5 Wendy Edlen, 6 Rachel Grynberg, 7A Pamela Simon-Jensen, 7C Sara Issakharian, 7 Rebecca Youssef, 8 Luigia Martelloni, 9 Susie McKay Krieser, 10 Karen Woo, 13 Elham Sagharchi, 14 Deborah Lynn Irmas, 15 Gregg Chadwick, 16 Alexandra Dillon, 17 Rena Cruz, 18 Gwen Samuels, 19 Sheila Karbassian, 20 Sabine Pearlman, 21 Doni Silver Simons, 23 Maddy LeMel, 23A Lola del Fresno, 24 Eric Merola, 24A Joan Wulf, 25 Paula Rosen, 26 Melinda Smith Altshuler, 27Claudia Concha Perea, 28 Julie Weiss, 29 Tamara Gold, 29 Rebecca Setareh.

Remember this event is happening across the street from Art Los Angeles Contemporary (at the Barker Hangar). ALAC is one of our top ten events – CLICK Here to find out more about ALAC.

The official art party and reception for MORE ART HERE takes place on Saturday February 16, 2019, from 6-9pm.

Where: Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica
When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday; Fri-Sat February 14-16, 11am – 7pm; Sun, Feb17, 12pm – 6pm; Reception takes place on Saturday February 16, 2019, from 6-9pm.; Website: