Gabba Gallery and Adopt the Arts invite you to experience “Remix: The Art of Music.” This special exhibition features artwork by 70+ local and international visual artists who used music as their inspiration. Curated by Jason Ostro and Elena Jacobson, the gallery will donate a portion of proceeds to Adopt the Arts, an organization dedicated to supporting arts programs in LA’s public schools.
One section of Remix focuses on artworks designed to look like album covers. For the rest of Remix, artists were given no restrictions at all. Anything related to any kind of music was welcomed. The results are dazzlingly diverse and inspiring.

Featured artists include 8333, Alex Achaval, Mickey Avalon, Terri Berman, Bioworkz, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Kate Carvellas, Shepard Fairey, Patrick Haemmerlein, Brooke Harker, KC Woolf Haxton, Hero, Cyrus Howlett, Iskar, Val Kilmer, Sona Mirzaei, Moncho1929, Morley, Jules Muck, Max Neutra, Henry Niller, Jeremy Novy, Olive47, Jason Ostro, Phobik, Chris Pienta, Christina Ramos, Roaming Elephant, Joan Scheibel, Ricky Sencion, Septerhed, Jeffrey Sklan, Skye Amber Sweet, Teachr, Ten Hundred, Tatiana Tensen, TrustyScribe, Vakseen, Jennifer Verge, Jimi Vieira, Christine Webb, Mimi Yoon, Torie Zalben, Tania Zatikian and more!

On view: August 4 – August 25, 2018

Where: Gabba Gallery, 3126 Beverly Blvd.