It’sJoanRivers-SonaMirzaeiWallspaceGallery gonna be a hopping weekend with awesome art parties in Santa Monica at Destroy Rebuild Repeat Gallery and in the Miracle Mile area…Wallspace celebrates it’s one year anniversary with a star-studded event. Joan Rivers came to one….

See Pix of artist Sona Mirzaei and Joan Rivers from a Wallspace event.

The Pi4.27-brewery-art-walkPosterck of the Week, The Brewery Art Walk….takes place on two days, this Saturday and Sunday….so there’s no excuse not to pop in.

I’ve been many times before and highly reccommend it. Just in case you didn’t know, he Brewery is a former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery/bottling plant located in Downtown LA. There are so many interesting and creative artists working out of the Brewery.

Many live in their studo spaces. Each unit is completely different with many of the original aged pipes and hardware, exposed brick and vintage doors and windows. Very cool.

The biannual Brewery Art Walk is said to attract 5,000 people to the Brewery Arts Complex which offers over 150 open studios. I wrote an article about the last one for the Downtown News.

lowres 4.13 Brewery CharlesSwensonThis will be the 2nd time artist Charles Swenson will be participating in the Artwalk.

I asked Charles what it’s like to have a studio at the Brewery Complex.  “It’s a great community, very stimulating on many levels,” laughs Swenson. “There is nothing like coming out of your front door to be greeted by a giant articulated mechanical snail being built for coachella.”

Swenson is probably best known for his work as an animator on televsion shows such as “Rugrats.” He is know a full time artist, working daily at his studio at the Brewery. 

lowres CharlesSwenson atStudio1“I have a set schedule, arriving at my studio each day at around nine, and I have to pick up my daughter after school each day at 2:30 across town, so my time is limited,” says Swenson. “This has put a certain amount of pressure on me, pressure that I’m quite enjoying. I’ve always loved what I do and was just feeling the gratitude this morning. Not everyone gets to spend their time doing one of the things they most enjoy.”

Charles Swenson’s new studio is located at 1918 N. Main # 202 at the Brewery….so be sure to pop in. For more information about Charles Swenson, see his website.

AlsPOW TowerTheatre-TealeHathewayo pop into Teale Hatheway’s studio at 1918 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (100 yards south of Main on Moulton Ave). 

See image to left.Teale Hatheway will be exhibiting a selection of mixed media paintings from her series of historic Los Angeles theatres.

These puzzling paintings are a combination of elegance and grit and serve to remind us to pay attention to the history which surrounds us daily.

Another favorite of mine….

Kristine Schomaker is a new media and performance artist and painter living and working at the Brewery artist complex in L.A. In her most recent project called “A Comfortable Skin.”

KrPOW Schomaker Kristine-Avatarsistine uses avatars to bring more attention to the obsession society has with physical appearance.

You can find Kristine at 2100 N Main St #B12 LA 90031 in the atrium building.

Be sure NOT TO miss….

lowreslargeBlacklightKathy2Altervision 3D is one of my favorite exhibitions. It will be featured once again this year, showing off the work of artist, Debi Cable.

The Brewery Artwalk is free to attend, but there is admission at A3D…..but it’s just $3 a person or $5 for two people. It’s an all day entrance pass to inspire your imagination, great for kids of all ages!

A3D is glad to be back at the Brewery ArtWalk to transport art lovers into a three-dimensional realm of enchanted forests, fire-breathing dragons, the deep sea and more. With special 3D glasses, these art pieces float off the walls, floor and to come alive in front of your eyes!

Be sure to stop in….it’s always different.  Its sooo cool.

The installation will be showing in the smoke stack building at the Heart Of the Brewery!  For more info about Debi Cable’s Blacklight Art, see her FB Page.

HavePOW Altervision BreweryARtWalk fun…and you may want to enjoy two days at the Brewery….there are soo many great studios down there.

What: The Brewery Art Walk
Where: The Brewery, 2100 North Main Street, LA, 90031
When: April 27th + 28th  11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m