This is an LAArtParty “Must See” exhibition!

Diane Rosenstein Gallery is pleased to announce “Virgin Soap,” — a solo exhibition of photographs and sculpture by Ilona Szwarc. 

Ilona Szwarc, Hormones are hormones, and Art is Art, Archival pigment print, 42 x 52 inches, 2021

In this new body of work, the Polish American artist documents herself casting a model’s torso in silicone and plaster. The model lies prone on a table, her breasts exposed, classically posed against an electric blue backdrop. A perverse tutorial proceeds: Szwarc stands behind the model, a presence at once intimate and coercive. The artist binds her subject’s breasts with laces to measure them, then covers the model’s breasts, shoulders, and mouth in green silicone.

As a female artist with a focus on self-portraiture, Ilona Szwarc draws on her ongoing fascination with doppelgängers.  She explores themes of identity, transformation, and the dopplegänger – an inquiry rooted in her immigrant experience.  Szwarc’s work is concerned with rendering her experience visible in a way impossible in language. Here, the artist plays Pygmalion, unsure where the boundary lies between the real and the fake.

On view: September 4 – October 9, 2021

What: “Virgin Soap,” Ilona Szwarc
Where: Diane Rosenstein Gallery, 831 North Highland Avenue, LA, 90038
Phone: 1.323.462.2790