William Turner Gallery is pleased to present “Elemental,” an exhibition featuring Andy Moses, Jen Stark and Kelsey Brookes – each of whom has gained recognition for their use of vibrant color and pulsating rhythmic forms to create powerful visual experiences.
Each artist takes the viewer on a transcendent journey, exploring and utilizing elements of the natural world as points of departure. Moses’s symphonic interplay of line and color react to the geological world, sometimes bringing to mind other-worldly landscapes, magmatic pooling or primal seas. Stark’s works often resemble fantastical organic and geologic structures and are suffused with charged, undulating layers and patterns that often mirror the unexpected, implausible designs found in nature. Brookes combines his knowledge of biochemistry and cognitive science to create bright, intricately expansive paintings that draw inspiration from the shapes of drug compounds, molecular structures and the sense of hallucinogenic states that they can induce to heighten the viewer’s sensory perceptions.

On view: September 15 – November 3, 2018

Where: William Turner Gallery, Bergamot 2525 Michigan Ave., SM
Website: http://williamturnergallery.com/