Our Pick of the Week is the Brewery Art Walk which takes place on two days, this Saturday and Sunday, April 2, 3, 2016!Sat-Oct22-2016-Brewery-ARTWalk

I have written about this downtown artist community for quite some time now. Back in 2012, I wrote an article for the Downtown News. A former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery/bottling plant, plan to attend the entire day or just pop by both days as the place is huge. There are so many interesting and creative artists working out of the Brewery…say hi for me!

The biannual Brewery Art Walk is celebrating thirty four years and attracts over 5,000 people to the Art Walk and Open studio event. Offering a peek into over 150 open studios, the Brewery is the world’s largest art community, located in Los Angeles. These talented resident artists work in painting, photography. printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, interior design, immersive 3D environments, LED light sculpture, high tech design, furniture design, contemporary fashion, environmental design, new media, digital art, and more.

This will be Greg Orloff’s first Art Walk at the Brewery. He recently moved to LA after a seven month tour across much of the East Coast as well as through Europe. “In the studio, I have been exploring some of the historical eras of jewelry and adornment that saw in many of the Museums while traveling through Europe. In this series, I utilized wire as a method of drawing and sketching. Depth and unification was achieved by twisting two lengths together, while contrast was added with the use of brass. What I enjoyed the most about developing these pieces was simply keeping things well… simple both in process and technique resulting in a raw elegance.”

POW-Brewery-DebiCableA long time participant, 3D artist Debi Cable presents not one but two amazing installations at this year’s art walk. Two Bit Circus will host the 2nd installation titled Vortex of Destiny and the 3D lounge at their Outdoor patio Location @ 678 S Ave 21. See a 2 second video of me in this installation from last year’s art walk. – it’s a very trippy experience…no drugs needed for this one!!

You will walk through the exhibition with 3D glasses and be transported into a three-dimensional realm of enchanted forests, fire-breathing dragons, the deep sea and more. With special 3D glasses, these art pieces float off the walls, floor and to come alive in front of your eyes!  For more info about Debi Cable’s Blacklight experience, see her FB Page. There is nothing else like this – flipping amazing!!!

Location #1: 642 Moulton Ave #E34 LA CA 90031. Location #2: 678 S Ave 21 just a few 100 ft away from the main 3D installation on Moulton. Be aware – there is admission for this exhibition ($5 for all weekend access) but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

TPOW-Brewery-MichaelScottSlosar-ReefWalk-12x18Uluwatu-Bali-2015his will be photographer Michael Scott Slosar’s first year participating in the Brewery Art Walk. He recently moved into the art complex and this will also be his first time attending the event as well. “Im very excited and happy to be a part of this event and cannot wait to see the turnout and variety of artists,” explained Slosar. “All of my work I am presenting and showing is attained from the variety of trips I go on each year both for work and personal.”

See image: by Michael Scott Slosar, Reef Walk, 12”x18″  Uluwatu, Bali 2015, Material: Semi gloss photo paper Archival Pigment print,  Offered on Aluminum or Traditional Archival Pigment Print

Artist Nicole Fournier will participate as well. She explains, “On display will be my mixed-media encaustic work, which is comprised of photo transfers into an encaustic (beeswax) medium. Works include my ongoing Human Nature series, shown along side urban and nature-related pieces. I have been participating in the Brewery Art Walk for 10 years now, and I enjoy the direct connection with the community of Los Angeles.”

L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex will be open for the Art Walk as well. Be sure to stop in to see Kamol Tassananchalee’s solo exhibition.

Cynda Valle’s new work features surreal events taking place at various brewery locations. Valle has been painting daily for 30 years. She emerged onto the art scene in Los Angeles in 1980 and currently resides in South Pasadena.

SePOW-Brewery-ArtWalk-Cynda Valle-FireEatere image “Fire Eater,” Cynda Valle, oil on linen, 2016, 52×40″

For the event, the artist is running a contest – Find a yellow ribbon hidden near the two iconic Brewery locations in her paintings, Bring it to Cynda Valle’s studio during the art walk on Saturday or Sunday – and you’ll win a great art prize (one prize per family/group). You can find Cynda’s studio at atrium #14 http://www.cyndavalle.com

The Brewery Arts Complex was an operating brewery from 1897 through 1979. Its second life as an arts complex began in 1982 with the passing of the Artist-In- Residence code, a Los Angeles housing code that gave artists the right to rent live/work space in industrially zoned buildings. It’s located northeast of downtown Los Angeles, off the 5 Freeway’s Main Street exit.

The Brewery Art Walk is FREE and open to the public! As always there will be food trucks, and be sure to stop into Barbara’s restaurant. There is free parking in the UPS lot next door and on the street.  Though you will want to get here early, it fills up AND the UPS lot closes at 6:30pm – dont’ get locked in!

What: The Brewery Art Walk
Where: The Brewery, 2100 North Main Street, LA, 90031
When: Saturday April 2, Sunday, April 3, 2016, 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m
Website: http://breweryartwalk.com/