The Brewery Art Walk….takes place over two days, Saturday, October 21 and Sunday October 22, 2017. If you have never been to this complex and the artist community….it’s fantastic. I have attended the event previously and want to encourage all to take a trip downtown to the Brewery. This weekend event takes place twice a year and it’s the perfect time to head downtown.

A former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery/bottling plant, the Brewery’s achitecture alone is an alluring bonus. Add to that a group of creative artists who have created a strong supportive community. Some have been there for years, others are newcomers, excited to be part of the historic venue. Many live in their studio spaces. Each unit is completely different showcasing the original aged pipes and hardware, exposed brick and vintage doors and windows.

The Brewery Art Walk is said to attract 5,000 people to the Brewery Arts Complex which offers over 150 open studios. I wrote an article about this event several years ago for the Downtown News. The Brewery Artwalk is FREE and open to the public! It’s located northeast of downtown Los Angeles, off the 5 Freeway’s Main Street exit.

The Brewery is home to a multitude of talented resident artists: painters, photographers. printmakers, designers, sculptors, etc. There will also be guest artists, setting up in friend’s studios and pop up venues. As always there will be many new artists, food trucks, a beer garden hosted by the onsite eatery…Barbara’s restaurant. So come come for the whole day…You may want to enjoy two days at the Brewery…it’s a huge complex.

Be sure to pick up a map when you get there…and start early, there’s lots to see.

Check out the FB Page.

What: The Brewery Art Walk
Where: The Brewery, 2100 North Main Street, LA, 90031
When: Saturday Oct 3 + Sunday, Oct 4  11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m