The Brewery Art Walk takes place October 20, and the 21, 2012. CLICK HERE to read my article about the two day event in the Downtown News. A new tenant to the Brewery, Charles Swenson is excited to join the art walk for the first time. Known as a successful animator, (Rugrats), Charles has been working full time as an artist.  This weekend he will be featuring his Nudes and Shoes series.


The classic studio nudes were originally painted in 2007, but are now radically changed with the intentional placement of a seductive high-heeled shoe or boot purposefully placed over the face or body. This dramatic obscuring of the figure asks the question of how fashion truly affects today’s woman.

Women shoes bring a source of inspiration for Charles. He explains, “My wife’s shoes, any woman’s shoes, high heeled, finely made are design wonders, I think. I love the subtle curve of the instep against the reverse curve on the inside of the heel, both complicated by the need to turn the right instep toward the left and vice-versa. Fine women’s shoes are marvels of engineering and design. I love the way they are so familiar yet each one different.” He continues, I often paint them as though they are flying or floating or falling, I’m not sure which, but tumbling against a beautiful sky.”

Nudes and Shoes brings new overtones to his work, “Adding the shoeshas radically changed the nature of the original paintings. Where they were paintings of women, now they are paintings of shoes” he says.

lowres CharlesSwenson atStudio1Swenson features a modern day woman as well as the relationship to fashion in everyday life. Yet there are many more elements to consider. “They say something about voyeurism, because you have to look past something to see the figure, and they say something about sexuality in that the shoes are sexy, kind of flirty, black, high heeled and a little domineering–demanding and slightly larger than life where the figures are slightly smaller,” he cites.

Charles Swenson’s new studio is located at 1918 N. Main # 202 at the Brewery. He recently moved in just a month ago and is looking forward to participating in the 30th anniversary celebration of the Brewery Art Walk. For more information about Charles Swenson, see his website.

Admission is free. Parking is free (Lot donated by UPS, closes at 6pm).

What: The Brewery Art Walk
Where: The Brewery, 2100 North Main Street, Los Angeles, 90031
When: October 20, 21, 2012 11:00am – 6:00pm