George Billis Gallery celebrated the art of Wes Hempel, and Stephen Wright on October 17, 2020. You can visit the gallery (by appointment) to see the show thru November 14, 2020. f you are interested in viewing the art in person, email or call 310-838-3685.

Wes Hempel takes assumed narratives of masculinity and myth and deftly recontextualizes them – supple flesh, classical architectural forms, and pastoral landscapes take on new meaning under Hempel’s virtuosic brush strokes.  By setting psychologically acute portraits of modern-day men against backdrops appropriated from such disparate sources as neoclassical history painting and Dutch golden age landscapes, the artist’s works

Stephen Wright is well known for his large scale figurative paintings and this new body of work is a radical departure for the artist.  After years of exploring different objects in his work, Wright found a subject that truly spoke to him.  Growing up in Southern California, the Pacific was an omnipresent part of Wright’s life and when he turned to it as subject matter for paintings, he found a worthy challenge in the attempt to capture its essence.  Wright writes, “Water does not have a form; it adapts to forms created by energy.  There is something kind of futile yet exciting about capturing the effect of water in a painting.  There is no start or end point, just a fragment of an experience contained within a square or rectangle.”

On view: October 17 – November 14, 2020; If you are interested in viewing the art in person, email or call 310-838-3685.

Where: George Billis Gallery LA, 2716 S La Cienega Blvd., LA, 90034
Phone: 310-838-3685