Kohn Gallery is thrilled to present Ilana Savdie’s exhibition, Entrañadas, Savdie’s first solo presentation with the gallery.

Known for her surreal and hot-colored, electrifying large-scale paintings, Ilana Savdie’s works contain central themes of ambiguity, the fluidity of identity and the displacement of power through invasion, control, and defiance. Her work manifests and honors dysmorphic human bodies and elongated forms to the brink of near abstraction; it is a formula that beautifies distortion and embellishes the uncommon. By juxtaposing the intimate and the alien, Savdie’s work proposes several questions: What makes such organisms simultaneously seductive and dangerous? How do humanoid forms surrender in obedience and how do they exert authority? When does the familiar end and where does the foreign begin?

On view: November 6 – January, 29, 2023

What: Opening reception
Where: 1227 North Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Website: http://www.kohngallery.com