bG Gallery presents the solo exhibit of “Ralph Allen Massey: All of the Above.” This event takes place in conjunction with the Ocean Park Art Block. dnj Gallery (one of our top ten events) is also participating.
May18-2019-520Pix-bGGallery-RalphAllenMassey-Counter-Top Confrontation 22x34in
Ralph Allen Massey, Counter-Top Confrontation 22 x 34 in

The exhibit features a collection of paintings from different bodies of work by the artist and notable new work by the Los Angeles-based octogenarian whose career spans over 60 years. “Massey’s extraordinary technical proficiency heightens the unusual combination of imagery in his work. His style is a kind of low brow irreverent postmodern pop absurdist,” according to Om Bleicher, gallery owner.

Massey unexpectedly groups pop culture characters – past and present – from film, animation and fine art in one piece; for instance, Betty Boop, John Travolta and Jeff Koons. In much of his work, he takes what might first appear to be high art and includes popcorn as an icon that takes center stage, with the goal being making art as accessible as going to the movies.”

His work is appreciated and included in the collections of entertainment notables as well as British royalty.

Where: bG Gallery, 3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica,