Everything Now, a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Sona Mirzaei opened at Orange Cube Contemporary on Thursday, May 11, 2023. Curated by Peter Frank, the opening art party was an Everything Now Art Exhibition Spring Fever Experience. Produced by Robert Corbin Productions and You ME Him & Her, the event featured a DJ, and bar sponsored by EVA LONGORIA‘s Casa del Sol Tequila benefiting the Ryman Arts Non Profit Foundation. If you missed the art party there is still time to view the artwork through May 25, 2023. 

Sona Mirzaei with her work at 2022 Art Basel

This exhibition Everything Now, spotlights a new body of work and was created over the last three years. Mirzaei tell us about her journey, “During the pandemic I was able to focus on things in my surroundings and environment to keep me inspired and positive while being motivated to create – and that was nature.”

Mirzaei’s studio is located on a nursery featuring an abundance of nature, succulents, flowers, wildlife, overlooking the Pacific ocean in Malibu. “This is my sanctuary!” said the artist “My studio has given me so much hope that we were able to find a way forward.”

The pandemic was hard for everyone, but Mirzaei never lost hope. She looked within and connected with her art. She allowed her inner spirit to reveal itself. “There was so much to take in as we went went through a lot and learned so much about ourselves, family and friends. I also learned more about being resilient and strong in the time of the world’s silence and frustration, especially my own.” She was inspired to create work from her own inner turmoil, yet still allowed herself to see the beauty around her in nature. She poured all of it onto the canvas. This collection was created over the last year and commemorates a rebirth, optimism, renewal, and growth within the artist.

Shapes of Me, by Sona Mirzaei, 2022, 68×68, oil, acrylics, pastels on canvas

Mirzaei continued, “Naturally life does have it toils, as we all are coming and going in different directions, and with that, comes death, and sadness, that is overcome with a rebirth, of optimism, growth, change, and renewal! That is what spring is all about. And my work is manifested by this and embodies my life experiences throughout my journey. This new collection truly does represent Spring and the timing to showcase it is awesome!”

Come celebrate Spring and the opening of Everything Now with Sona Mirzaei. It is a true testament of the artist’s interpretations of life’s experiences through her lens. “I have some wonderful sponsors and people that are putting on this event that I’m very thankful for! I can’t express enough of how happy I am.” She added, “I have some amazing people in my life!”

The show will remain on view through May 25, 2023; Contact Sona Mirzaei for a  private showing at sona.mirzaei@gmail.com

What: Everything Now, Sona Mirzaei
Where: Orange Cube Contemporary, 2516 S. Robertson Blvd., LA CA
Website: http://www.sonamirzaei.com