After Covid hit and so many people lost their lives, Matter Studio Gallery’s owner Karla Funderburk was inspired to create an origami crane for each person who passed on. Her wish was to create a memorial, but as the victims increased, she realized, no matter how hard she worked, she would never be able to produce the amount needed on her own…so she reached out to the artist community for help. See the website for more info. Here is some info from the gallery.

Matter Studio Gallery is currently working on creating an upcoming memorial exhibition “Honoring Matter: A Memorial for the Victims of Covid-19.” This collaborative installation art piece will honor and memorialize the souls that have left this plane during the recent pandemic – each origami crane representing an individual lost to this virus.

We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed to the exhibition so far by creating and donating all of the beautiful paper cranes pictured above to the #MEMORIALCRANEPROJECT!

We invite YOU to be a part of this healing celebration of life! If you would like to participate in the #MEMORIALCRANEPROJECT and have your creations featured in honor of those lives you can do so by making origami crane/s from a piece of paper no larger than 8″ x 8″ – smaller paper is fine.

Additionally, we are still adding to the ever-growing list of names of people who have passed, whom will be honored in the installation. You may also participate by sending in names of those lost, whether they be your loved ones or loved ones of loved ones by replying to this email.

Mail your cranes to:
Matter Studio Gallery
5080 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles,CA 90019

If you are in the Mid-City, L.A. neighborhood feel free to drop your cranes in our 24/7 Crane Drop Box located in front of the gallery at the address listed above. #MEMORIALCRANEPROJECT Gallery Hours

You are welcomed to join us as we fold in the gallery Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 6pm! If you would set up an appointment to come fold in the gallery at another convenient day or time please text Karla at 323-697-4988 or reply to this email.

“Honoring Matter: A Memorial for the Victims of Covid-19” will open this month and be on display at Matter Studio Gallery throughout the Summer. Keep an eye on your inbox for your personal invitation to this memorial installation. Thank you for your participation!

Stay Safe #umatter