In the Mid Wilshire area…Anat Ebgi premieres two new exhibitions…a group show titled “Kick Ass Painting: New York Women,” and “History of Violence,” an exhibition of paintings by New York artist Alannah Farrell.

Carrie Moyer Spectacular Heart Craze, 2021 Acrylic, glitter, mica, graphite on canvas 78 x 96 inches / 198.1 x 243.8 cm

“Kick Ass Painting: New York Women” brings together three heavyweights: Louise Fishman, Brenda Goodman, and Carrie Moyer. Co-organized with Patricia Hamilton, the exhibition will run from June 5 to July 10 at the 6150 Wilshire Blvd location.

The exhibition offers a visual feast of aesthetic exploration and emotional dynamics from artists several decades into their respective careers. Carrie Moyer drenches her paintings in sanguine color. Her work represents maximalism, anchored by evocative bodily forms, transparent veils of aqueous pigment, and flat surfaces. Brenda Goodman, working on panel, incises, etches, and scrapes with chthonic fierceness. Her multilayered paintings throb and crack with a primal palette, provoking thoughts of the irreparably damaged and disfigured body. Louise Fishman’s ominous and cryptic paintings conjure ambiguous cross currents of feeling: somber and genial. Gash-like brush strokes are organized around the principle of the grid, unfolding fugues of movement and displacement. The exhibition pays tribute to these artists and their political spirit of feminism.

Also opening on June 5, 2021, the “History of Violence” is New York artist Alannah Farrell’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Farrell is an artist committed to the figure and figurative tradition. Her work is a meditative, continued, coherent exploration of how the figure can be expressive. By soft, repetitive, considered brushwork, the artist portrays their inner circle of friends and creative community with a complex tenderness. At the core of their investigations are perplexing questions about psychological states, identity, and what it means to really know someone. Each sensitive portrait is a protest, an exercise in safety, community building, and nurturing intimacy against the alienation, anxieties, and violences of modern queer life.

On view:  June 5 – July 10, 2021

Where: Anat Ebgi, 6150 Wilshire Blvd, LA, 90048