Von Lintel Gallery hosted a limited attendance opening reception on June 20, 2020 for “Flow My Tears, the Mueller Report Said.” Not to worry, if y you missed it call the gallery to view the exhibition.

The solo exhibition of new works by artist Michael Waugh sets the scene for our current crisis. The show’s title is based on a Philip K. Dick novel in which the right-wing has won a second U.S. civil war. The work in the show presents a fable of dystopian arrogance – Arrogance that says ideology is more important than facts, that humans can control the natural world, that money should decide politics.

The theme is anchored by a series of four works in which animals are plotting against human labor. After they destroy a bridge, touches of green return to the poisoned landscape. It’s a scenario that has become familiar to us all; when Covid-19 forced us to pause our lives, the smog cleared from over our cities.

For over fifteen years, Waugh has been constructing such politically infused scenes – made all the more biting because he composes them out of text. Using the ancient calligraphic technique known as micrography, the artist laboriously copies hundreds of pages of historically significant documents, corralling that text into delicate representational forms. The destroyed bridge, for example, is composed out of words from Rachel Carson’s 1962 book Silent Spring, which ushered in the environmental movement.

On view: June 20 – August 8, 2020

Where: Von Lintel Gallery, 1206 Maple Ave # 212, LA, 90015
Phone: 310 559 5700
Website: http://www.vonlintel.com/