KP Projects Gallery presents “Lullaby of The Bounty in Repose,” featuring a pivotal new body of work by Jennybird Alcantara. The exhibition had an online release on Saturday June 13, 2020, but you can still view it online HERE.


From the Artist : “This last year and a half of working on my new body entitled ‘Lullaby of TheBounty in Repose’ has been, in part, an exercise in escape, a daily meditation on small pieces, pieces that would eventually grow into a whole picture. In the daily “meditations” painting a leaf or a petal, the curve of a line, lace pattern or patch of fur, a carefully placed freckle or drop of spilled milk – each of these was an opportunity for my mind to wander into a peaceful place away from cares, a place to metaphorically lay my head and let my intuitive self wander.

Sometimes hours would pass and I’d count up the small things I’d painted obsessively and wonder where the time went then say to myself, “I’m polishing pearls at the edge of the world and time doesn’t matter here.” But this place that I’d escaped to, inside of the works, was a refuge with my familiars guiding the way… all of them answering the longing to be enveloped in a kind of visceral wisdom and esoteric harmony.

When I reflect back on these paintings as a collection and try to understand what they’re telling me, I feel that at their essence they are a love letter. Just as love letters are often replete with heartache, tenderness, and declarations of devotion, these paintings are a meditation on the endless bounty of Nature. A Nature that offers its copious riches even when pillaged; a Nature that offers inspirational beauty manifested in the gifts of rich fodder for allegories and storytelling. It is a Nature that reveals the curiosity and magic it contains, as well as the power to inspire ecstasy and dread in equal measure.

From our current collective vantage point, Nature is enjoying a tiny respite from the heavy footprint of mankind. ‘Lullaby of The Bounty in Repose’ is a love letter to all of this.” – Jennybird Alcantara

On view: June 13 – July 11, 2020

Online exhibition premieres on Saturday, June 13, 2020;