Very few photographers have the chance to tour with rock royalty…Nick Busco was one of the lucky ones.

Back in the late 70s Nick Busco toured with legendary acts as part of a road crew. He was afforded the opportunity to capturelowres NickBusco FreddyMercuryPrint close up shots of rock icons such as Freddy Mercury, Bonnie Raitt, Rod Stewart and more. He also came home with priceless stories…

He is currently working on a documentary about his travels on the road. It will feature a backstage perspective…starting back in 1969 when the music world was exploding with legendary happenings such as Woodstock.

A self-taught photographer, Busco admits early on, he did not know he wanted to be a photographer. “Taking photos was something I did always want to do, but at first did not know it,” recalls Busco.

A friend in college asked if he would help take photographs for local bands, and soon his newfound career took off. “I was always fascinated with photography, photographs, light, and lighting, recalls Busco. “When I was in college, that really was the first time I thought…hey, I could do this for a living.”

Lilowres RodStewart byNIckBuscoke most photographers, Nick reveals he feels gets into a zone when shooting. “When I get behind the lens, well, I just because part of the whole experience. I loose myself in the viewfinder and am so focused on the subject, that time seems to just go so fast. When I am there, my meditation.”

You can catch the photography of Nick Busco in a group show at haleARTS S P A C E in Santa Monica. The work of artists Adam Nisenson and Sandi Sharp will also be on view. The show will run through November 26, 2013.

What: Opening reception
Where: haleARTS S P A C E, 2443 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90405
When: Now thru Nov 26, 2013
Phone: 310-314-8038