Contemporary artist Eran Barnea is featured in a solo exhibition titled “#mirrorselfies”at TAG Gallery running from February 16  through March 13, 2021. The artist reception will be held on February 20, 11am – 7pm. Additional exhibitions will also be opening on the same day…see below for more info. 

“#bathroomselfie #9”

Here is some info from the artist about his work: “I paint portraits of people as they like to see themselves in the mirror. I see the selfie phenomenon on social media, as a visual manifestation of the age of individualism and self determination: Everyone takes a selfie, everyone’s the artist. Selfies are posted to get likes. I capture mostly mirror selfies, where people take full body photos. They are focused on a set of conventional poses, oblivious to the completely random backgrounds behind. Bathroom selfies are the best, with their contrast between the public nature of the post, and the intimacy of the ignored space. I paint on recycled materials like cardboard and packaging paper, emphasizing the dispensability of the images. The average lifespan of an instagram post is 24 hours. As an artist I apply no judgment on the subject, I don’t pose the models but merely copy their aesthetic judgement, or the lack of it.”

Don’t miss the opening of “#mirrorselfies”by Eran Barnea at TAG Gallery which takes place on February 20, 11am- 7pm. In addition to Barnea’s solo show, other exhibitions opening on February 20, 2021 include: “Inhale Possibility, Exhale Creativity,” by Shalla Javid, “Windward” and “Northern (L)attitudes,” featuring TAG Gallery members. 

On view: February 16—March 13, 2021; TAG is open 11am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Viewing reception, February 20, 11am – 7pm.

What: “#mirrorselfies,” Eran Barnea
Where: TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd, LA, 90036