I look forward to the Dwell on Design show every year and this year was no exception. As someone who has renovated homes for years, its always a treat to see the latest cutting edge design and fun custom elements I can incorporate into my projects. Some of my best design details in my own home I first saw at Dwell on Design or Dwell magazine. I wouldn’t miss it! This year it was unique in that there was a real emphasis on artist-designed elements that gave the event even more bespoke flair! Even contemporary art magazine Fabrik had a booth.
Tesselle Ceramic Tile Co booth; photo by Paul Finn

I always have to go back to the convention center for a second day during the 4 day long design show because the first day is spent taking in everything and chatting with the various vendors about their displays. It definitely can get overwhelming. I suggest getting a pass for the entire show just in case you just have to come back to see something a second time. Some of the products are on display for the first time ever so I’m like a kid on Christmas morning when I get there. Inspiration usually strikes of how and where I can use various products and I always need a second look at more than a few things.

If you are someone like me who likes to personalize your space you’ll be amazed at the prefab modular homes that are brought into the vast LA convention center for the show. You will forget you are in the convention center as you wander around these luxurious homes, picturing how it would be to live in one. They are on display like they are really installed and designer furnished like someone lives there but while you’re in one I wouldn’t try using the toilet but by all means stretch out of the bed!
Marvin Windows and Doors; photo by Kathy Leonardo

This years prefab pavilion showcased a full-size prefab home from Method Homes and a tiny home from Kim Lewis Tiny Home. These aren’t your granddads modulars on display! They have all the style and design of someone’s high-end dream home. You pick the finishes and fixtures like lighting, tile, counters, etc. and a few months after placing your order, your house gets delivered, installed and assembled right onto your plot of land! Your neighbors will love you for sparing them from the on-site construction! You can get a list of installs going on all over Los Angeles so you can watch the houses being craned into position.

The Shade Store debuted its Roller Shade Collection at the Dwell on Design opening event. They featured a lovely party at their booth with Nate Berkus there greeting his fans.
Nate Berkus with Kathy Leonardo – founder of LAArtParty.com

So, if you like wifi enabled gadgets, art, architecture and fine design not to mention the latest in instant prefab homes, be sure to check out Dwell on Design next year! There is nothing like it! http://www.dwellondesign.com/