Happy Earth Day! Mother Earth needs our help. Let’s all use this day to provoke new thoughts on how we individually can save our planet. We all can do simple things to start, and go from there.

Our beautiful Earth; image provided by NASA

Los Angeles is leading the way by composting from our green bins, so let’s remember to use them. When washing our hands or brushing teeth…use a small bit of water, prior to soaping up your hands, and to wet your toothbrush…then take your time washing with soap or brushing your teeth…only use water to rinse off. No need to keep it running. I also store a couple of empty jugs near my kitchen sink when I wash dishes…so I can transfer the final rinse from a bowl or cup into them for later use in my garden. See below for more easy ideas on how to help our beautiful planet!

– keep cloth grocery bags in your car

– ride a bike, or take public transportation

– carpool, whenever possible

–  don’t flush the toilet every time

– catch rain water to water your plants

– eat a meatless dinner once a week

– put all your food waste in green bins ONLY

– unplug electronic devises, when not in use

– sign up for beach clean-ups