KP Projects hosts two solo exhibitions – “Edward Walton Wilcox: Are You Still With Me?” and “Todd Carpenter: When Dreams Absolve Daylight.”

Edward Walton Wilcox, Disintegrating Landscape #1, 36×36 inches

Edward Walton Wilcox’s newest paintings portray a visceral expression of memory and emotion that transcends the linearity of storytelling. “Are You Still With Me?” delves into expressions of beauty, life, and our existence as intellectual and spiritual beings. In Wilcox’s world, skulls are not only a primordial reminder of our mortality, but a signifier of deep change, strength, and protection. Nothing is one-dimensional; everything contains duality. Blue and white rings connect the earthly aspects of the skeletal form to the supernatural spiritual world, representing contemplation, completion and harmony. Darkness threatens the illumination of suspended chandeliers, yet prismatic hues emerge like rainbow-esque reflections, or pinpoints of soothing white light. Obscured Palm Trees take on an other worldly feel as they melt into sunset reds and gold, while blotches of sky blue quietly burn through the haze.

Todd Carpenter’s “When Dreams Absolve Daylight” is an exploration of monochromatic landscape as markers of time and memory. In Carpenter’s paintings, impasto technique and thoughtful application give way the beauty of reflective light over line and shadow. Impressions of trees, mountains, sea, and skyline manifest a sensory connection to nature, and a longing to be in the elements.

On view: December 12, 2020 – January 9, 2021; RSVP to to schedule a private appointment; Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 1 – 5pm with Masks and Social Distancing.

What: Edward Walton Wilcox, Todd Carpenter
Where: KP Projects, 633 N. La Brea Ave. LA, CA 90036
When: By Appointment – RSVP to