On Wednesday…July 13, Wurstküche is hijacking National French Fries Day by offering complimentary Belgian fries to Angelenos ALL DAY LONG. The famed bratwurst restaurant is challenging any Angeleno to bring in a French Fry whose fluff and crisp can compare to that of the Wurstküche Belgian Fry.
Wurstküche has been serving Los Angeles for over seven years specializing in three things: sausage, beer, and fries. Wurstküche fries are not just any fries. They are double-dipped Belgian fries, and they have proven to be cult-worthy. LA Weekly named them “best fries in LA” and Refinery29 said they’re “the best we’ve ever tasted. ”Thrillist recently named Wurstküche an  “LA Chain the Rest of the Country Desperately Needs.”

THIS WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 – Wurstküche challenges you to come participate in the madness of Free Belgian Fries on National French Fries Day.