Valentine Enterprises is celebrating its one year anniversary as an international conglomerate of arts, tech, and glamour….. with the unveiling of the exquisite Party Castle Mall!

POct15-2016-PartyCastleMall-flyerarty Castle is a themed gallery experience which will mimic the appearance and structure of a mall.

This event will feature traditional gallery art forms like photography, installation, and sculpture, as well as forward-thinking presentations of VR work, video game aesthetics, and consumer products. There will be a MALL COP! and FOOD COURT! and MALL DJs! and FASHION! and LIVE MUSIC! and a BOUNCY CASTLE!

Featured artists include MJ Katz, Iris Ray, Hit Bargain, Hobbes Ginsberg, Isabelle Harada, Caia Diepenbrock, Inpatient Press, Belly Belt, Loved By Erika, Ginny Wyatt, Peter Kalisch, BlueRoar, New Style Media Group, Tempest Le Mans, Mini Bear, Sofia Celedon, and Carmen Johns.

There will also be a keynote speech by curator Nastya Valentine, who addresses the mall theme as such: it could be read on many levels, like shopping of course! or the intersection of commerce/capitalism, the mall as center of capitalist system, also the center of getting away from ur parents, the physiology of public spaces,  the resemblance of a mall to an art gallery,  a chill place to ditch school w ur friends…. nostalgia! the aesthetics of vitrines, how do we combine VR with COUTURE, what if the mall is haunted, ETC. Everyone will have their own perception and navigation of Party Castle. This mall is the ultimate subjective experience. It will show you who you are. It will show you how you view things in a public sphere. It will, hopefully more than anything, show you a good time.

OpenOct15-2016-PartyCastleMall-PopupbyErica-lbeing night is Saturday, October 15th at 7:30PM. Ethereal brunch will be served at noon on Sunday, October 16th. One last chance to experience the mall will be on Monday, October 17th.

Exhibited at Allmost Studio & Gallery

Curated by Nastya Valentine, CEO of Valentine Enterprises

Sponsored by BlueRoar VR

All are welcome. This is an all ages event, feel free to bring your children. Alcohol will be served to those over 21. The event is free but donations are encouraged.

See you at the mall!     

What: Opening Reception
Where: Allmost Studios & Gallery, 1288 S La Brea Ave 90019
When: October 15th – 7:30PM – thru Oct 17th 2016
Phone: 323 620 7005