The Upper West

Santa Monica restaurant, Upper West features the work of artist Carol Surface. With the help of Gino Paino of the Beach Vault, a rotating series of art is showcased at the restaurant. Upper West supports its artists with an opening reception to welcome and acknowledge the talents of the new artist.

Bo\rn in Ohio, yet raised in Florida, Surface has lived in California since 1988. The artist maintained a studio in Venice Beach from 1997-2010 and was included on the annual Venice Art Walk tour. She relocated her studio to her home in Beverly Hills where she currently resides.

Surface is a versatile artist, working in acrylic, she uses many mediums such as printmaking, photography and original verse. She is fascinated by her surroundings, the artist finds much of her inspiration from watching how people relate to one another. Like most artists, she finds that what is happening in her everyday life affects her work as an artist. She explains, “Abstract art is all about emotion and emotion governs every move we make.”

lowres 9.29 UpperWest Surface“My work in the show is a compilation of all of my discoveries in myself while trying to make my way in the urban landscape,” cites surface. “The paintings incorporate photos I’ve taken in the city and other locales, my writing (I used to write professionally) and some self portraits that grew from my modeling experience.”

When asked, how often she paints, she replies, “It varies. I work rather obsessively and then have to take a break for a few days. I have also recently returned to acting and modeling so some days I am working on that, auditioning or performing.”

Surface recently returned to painting after a sabbatical, thinking much would change in my art. It didn’t. She elaborates, “That reality is at the core of my work, and confirms a central theme of mine: No matter how many layers we don and shed in life, the constraints of being human prevail. As we yearn for escape, we take comfort in our foundation, in who we are and who we always will be.”

Perhaps the artist’s trademarked tag line says it best… “Art is for people who aren’t afraid to be human.”

Upper West is located at 3321 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. The art will remain on view through January 26, 2014.