thanksgiving-2012-1Yes there’s slim pickings in terms of art parties…..but it’s a great time to catch up with family and friends and enjoy some down time.

Thanksgiving week….yes the whole week and weekend is my Pick of the Week. Time to take a moment to breathe. I sure know I need a rest….sometimes there’s just too many parties to attend.

It’s good to stay in your hood and enjoy the old fashioned house get togethers with friends and neighbors.

turk2Also there are some incredible movies out….so head to the theater…or go see a play at the Geffen, or some Dance at Disney Hall….Good time to catch up on your museum shows.

We’ve posted some Thanksgiving dining options, if you don’t want to cook…See Thursdays Page.

Also the weekend is a good time to stop into LACMA…I have listed some exhibition favorites for you. Of course there’s the annual Thanksgiving parade taking place on Sunday. That’ll get you in the mood.

I’Cat Pilgrimsm looking forward to a mellow week, a needed change from my frantic schedule and I will be feeling much gratitude for all my incredible friends…(thank you), family and kitty too.

So no, there is NOT technically one event that is the “Pick of the Week” this week….Decide what you need or want to do the most …..and do it. I am grateful for some time off….

Keep your eye out for my interview with legendary artist Ed Moses. It comes out this Friday as part of my column “Talk of the Town” in the Santa Monica Mirror.

AutumnPumpkinsBe sure to see our Upcoming page for all the fun holiday events….the holiday group that I perform with each year, “The Off Their Jingle Bell Rockers” is back in full swing and we have public gigs starting as early as November 30th.

Enjoy your holiday….the whole weekend long. Ciao!