Written by An Bar –  The “Stran2015-Sundance-SelflessPortraits-KayteMethven gers Drawing Strangers” installation by artist Ivan Cash inspires strangers to understand one another through photography, drawing, and collaboration. Cash is a San Francisco based interactive artist who focuses his efforts on human-based projects. Cash has been featured in The New York Times, CNN and TIME and continues to promote humanistic growth through the power of interacting with strangers around the world. Currently, The Selfless Portraits installation has over 47,000 photos submitted from 147 countries.

Following suit, the interactive installation at Sundance Film Festival was hosted by The Airbnb Haus continued and focused on Cash’s mission of bonding strangers through self-expression.

The progressive installation came to life throughout the week and was open to all event-goers. Polaroid snap-shots were taken of each participant who entered the exhibit, and subsequently each participant was instructed to draw a recreation of a previous snap-shot of another participant.

Through photographs and original drawings, strangers were able to connect through the power of self-expression. Each participant served as a model, artist and muse. Through the multifaceted creative venue, the dynamic installation came to life as strangers bonded via the power of collective art.

2015-SUNDANCE-IvanCash-photoby-KayteMethvenPhoto (photo featuring artist, Ivan Cash) by: Kayte Methven

To engage and connect strangers throughout the week, the photos and drawings served as wallpaper and Sundance attendees could experience the installation and watch it grow while meeting new friends.

In alignment with the artist’s vision, the “Strangers Drawing Strangers” Installation encourages strangers to invoke open communication by inviting new perspectives through hands-on expression. The fusion of art and community provided a venue for collaboration and creativity and is sure to provoke future community-based projects. For more information about Ivan Cash, see his website.