Hauser and Wirth in The Arts District of DTLA presents a limited public engagement of 5 exhibits that will be open to the public Saturday June 22, 2018.
Photo by author; Larry Bell, “Complete Cubes” in the North A Gallery

“Complete Cubes” in the North A Gallery is devoted to Larry Bell and his hometown of Los Angeles. It is also the first show to present glass cubes in every size that the acclaimed California Minimalist produced over the course of a nearly 60-year career. With over twenty works ranging in size from two inches to forty inches and spanning the early 1960’s to today, this exhibition celebrates Bell’s mastery of light, reflection, and volume through his groundbreaking approach to glass.

“Memory Remix,” Mary Heilmann’s first Los Angeles solo exhibition in over twenty years, is a comprehensive survey of paintings, ceramics and furniture that celebrates her unwavering dedication to abstract compositions replete with sly references to her favorite landscapes, pop songs, and Mexican weavings.
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Photo by author; Mary Heilmann, “Memory Remix”

The exhibition can be found in the North B Gallery. Considered one of America’s preeminent artists, Heilmann yields a wholly original and pioneering oeuvre by combining the geometrical abstraction of Minimalism with the spontaneous freehanded spirit of the Best Generation and influences of American Pop Culture.

In the selfie age, self-portraits are now more about which filter looks the best versus the art and communication behind it, so it was refreshing as a photographer who has studied self portraits from some of our great artists, to walk in the mind set of artist Jack Whitten.
Photo by author; “Jack Whitten: Self Portrait With Satellites”

In the South Gallery, “Jack Whitten: Self Portrait With Satellites” is a commemorative survey celebrating Whitten’s (1939-2018) innovative transfiguration of paint and his profound ability to materialize philosophical, scientific, and mathematical concepts through abstraction. This landmark presentation is the first exhibition in LA devoted to the artist in nearly 30 years and brings together self-portraits and paintings from Whitten’s personal collection, many of which will be shown for the first time.

I was beyond ecstatic when I walked into the In The Tower and Book and Printed Matter Lab and discovered a small archive of silver gelatin prints from British photographer Sir Don McCullin, who while on assignment in Vietnam was ambushed and had his ‘go to’ Nikon film camera stop a bullet from entering his chest.

Photo by author; Sir Don McCullin

This is his first US gallery exhibition. His incredible images of war and social strife from his home country and around the world generate constant international acclaim. These poignant photographs are exhibited here on the 50th anniversary of the bloodiest year in Vietnam. “When human beings are suffering, they tend to look up, as if hoping for salvation.” McCullin has often stated. “And that’s when I press the button.”

And finally in the South Gallery Mezzanine, Celia Forner presents her Portable Art and Project in Los Angeles with an exhibition of wearable objects operating somewhere between sculpture and bodily adornment, commissioned from a range of artists. Celia Forner collaborated closely with the artists, the Portable Art Project includes unique pieces as well as editioned series, crafted from an array of materials ranging from traditional gold and silver ornamented with precious and semi-precious gems, to enamel, aluminum, bronze and iron.

Photo by author; Portable Art and Project

Before the invited few set out to the complementary brunch at the Manuela, which resides within Hauser and Wirth, we had the honor to a Q&A with artists Mary Heilmann and Larry Bell. Mary Heilmann classified herself as a Beach Nut and wanted everyone in the audience to know that her work is all about geometry and surfing, while Larry Bell admitted that he stopped reading art books and art articles almost twenty years ago so that he didn’t have to deal with that information and could simply focus on getting his art out of his head. He pointed out that artist’s today need just three things to be successful, which are spontaneity, intuitiveness and inspiration.
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Photo by author; Mary Heilmann and Larry Bell

Hauser and Wirth is breathtaking and the grounds are architecturally spectacular so devote several hours in dive into all galleries. These exhibitions will remain on view through September 23, 2018. Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles is located at 901 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA 90013; 213 943 1620;