Our Pick of the Week is the grand opening of the Jill Joy Gallery. I had the chance to interview the artist and owner of the gallery. Jill is an inspiration! A confident and strong woman, she would NOT give up on her dream. See my Huffington Post article to read more about her story of how the artist overcame so many obstacles.
ere is some more info on the exhibition: The Jill Joy Gallery is proud to announce its inaugural exhibition at its new gallery space on La Brea. “Emotion,” is an exhibition of recent paintings by Jill Joy. It has been a busy year for the artist…after opening a gallery at the beginning of 2016, she was forced to find a new space due to circumstances beyond her control. She said she is exxcited to step into a new chapter in her life and get back to creating and exhibiting her work on a regular basis.

See image (below): Jill Joy, Death Comes and Recedes, oil on canvas, 48×72

InSat-Feb20-JillJoy-DeathComesandRecedes-oiloncanvas-48x72-2012 “Emotion,” Jill Joy continues her exploration into spiritual healing and the evolution of consciousness. This series of large, impasto oil paintings addresses the temporal, personal, human struggle that includes loss, pain, joy, change, frustration, grief and aspiration. The work addresses the power of emotions to transform us when we allow versus repress them.

Intense, active and filled with a sense of energy in motion, this work represents the process of converting unconsciousness emotional reaction to consciousness awareness, moving from disturbance to peace. These paintings are powerful expressions of the unharnessed creative force that initiates change and growth.

Emotion” is part of a series trifecta which includes two other bodies of work, Consciousness and Illumination. For the last 5+ years Joy has worked on these three series concurrently. Metaphorically these three bodies of work represent the evolution of the soul through the three aspects of existence: the body (Emotion), the mind (Consciousness) and spirit (Illumination). Her stated goal is personal and shared enlightenment.

JillJoy-NotBlackandWhite-acryliconcanvas-36x36-2012See image: Not Black & White, acrylic on canvas, 36×36”

“Every beginning requires the destruction of what went before. The Hindus have a goddess, Kali, who is devoted to the mutual acts of creation and destruction. This painting emerged as I dismantled my own life as a corporate marketer to create the one I had dreamed of for 20 years – being a full time artist. A lot had to go. Possessions, relationships, prestige, a hefty paycheck. But the space had to be cleared for a new life and more authentic life to emerge. Like a lot of my work, I find it has recurring relevance to me. The theme of dissolution cycles back around as I work to move forward and continue to create even better and more authentic circumstances in which to live my life. It’s mirror image is Summoning the Heart of Love. These paintings (both the same size and created within months of each other) are two sides of the same coin of change – destruction and creation.” – JIll Joy

On view: October 8 – October 29, 2016

What: Opening reception
Where: Jill Joy Gallery, 456 S. La Brea Avenue, LA 90036
When: Saturday, October 8, 2016, 6:00pm – 900pm
Phone: 747-234-6408
Website: http://www.jilljoy.com