SPARC CardDon’t forget you have one day left to enter LA Art Party’s contest to win tickets to SPARC’s 35th anniversary party….it will be a blast….so come and meet me. LA Art Party is a proud sponsor of the event.

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As usual, there are tooonsss……I’m talking tons of art and entertainment events taking place all over Los Angeles. Yes it’s sooo hard for us, isn’t it.

The Brewery Art Walk is this weekend as well…..If you are in the downtown area, pick up a Downtown News. I’ve got it posted on the Weeky Features Page….just in case you want to read it.

T10.20 BevHillsArtshow lowRes BrookeHarker ChinatownSkieshe Pick of the week… The Beverly Hills Art Show which  happens twice a year. Art Food, Music and more!

You will love this FREE two day Art Show taking place Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st in the Beverly Gardens.

I went last Spring and had a fabulous time. Artist Brooke will be featured at Booth # 349.

Karen McLean, an organizer for the event, has been involved for the past thirteen years. She describes how it has changed…

“Our show tends toward the commercial, and the work is generally very well-crafted, but honestly it has been safe. Now there are artists at the event who buck that traditional trend. We are getting some great installation artists with the support of the Los Angeles Art Association; performance artist Steve Fujimoto, who was one of the builders of the Occupy the Rose Bowl Octopus float, will be installing a politically-charged piece which refers pretty obviously to the nation’s mortgage crisis, and we have artists at the other extreme whose art subtly refers to their belief in the Old Testament and Genesis. We’ll take on just about anyone if the jury thinks the art is worthwhile.”

This year the event features a Scavenger Hunt and participation from the Paley Center. Be sure to pick up a map and enjoy food trucks, live music and more.

Featuring over 24lowres BrookeHarker wMurrays IrishPub staff Dongguan China0 artists, you’ll want to come early and spend the day. One of the many talents, Brooke Harker recently returned from China. The owner of first Irish Pub in the Dongguan asked her to create original works for his establishment in China.

She is excited to share her recent inspiration and love of Chinese culture at the Beverly Hills Art Show. She explains, “As it has been a lifelong goal for me to visit Southern China, the moment my trip to Dongguan took shape, Chinese architecture in the US began to show up in my paintings.”

She clowres BrookeHarker MurrayPainting Alainontinues Chinatown Skies, illustrates a scene from Chinatown in San Francisco, a piece that began prior to my departure while listening to Mandarin CDs and thinking about the Last Empress of China as depicted in books by one of my favorite authors, Anchee Min. I finished the final touches on the lanterns in this painting after my return. The companion piece, “Sister Chinatown,” another scene from San Francisco, began when I returned and will be ready to show at The Beverly Hills Art Show.”

The two day festival takes place October 20th and 21st, at the Beverly Gardens is located along Santa Monica Blvd, from Rodeo Drive to Rexford Drive.

For more information about Brooke Harker, visit

What: The Beverly Hills Art Show
Where: Beverly Gardens, along Santa Monica Blvd, from Rodeo Drive to Rexford Drive.
When: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday