Corey Helford Gallery presents new exhibitions. Debuting in the Main Gallery is a four-artist show featuring “The Great Curve” by London-based artist duo Kai and Sunny, “Centered by Stillness” by Dutch artist Handiedan, “Affirmation of Existence” by Japanese painter Hikari Shimoda, and two new works from Ian Francis. Gallery 2 will host Paranormal Portraits, a solo show by renowned Nigerian hyper-realism artist Arinze Stanley and Gallery 3 will host a two-artist show featuring “Animal Crossings” by Japanese contemporary painter Mayuka Yamamoto and “Dream State” by San Francisco-based sculptor Erika Sanada.

Corey Helford Gallery hosted a virtual opening on Instagram Live (@CoreyHelfordGallery) on October 3, 2020, giving fans a visual tour of each show making its debut and feature guest appearances from some of the artists. The shows are currently available to view online (on the gallery’s website and Facebook page) or in-person until November 7, 2020 (by appointment only due to the cities COVID-19 restrictions).