Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts wraps up a month–long event “Viva Italia- Evoluzione e Metamorfosi Di Arte” in collaboration with Area Contesa Arte in Rome, hosting Alfio Borghese and featuring work of 30 Italian artists. On Sunday October 28th, enjoy a closing reception and free music at the event from 4-6PM. The original ticketed concert was cancelled. There will still be live music, but it is now free. The closing art party is open to the public.
All work by Mario Russo, with. Alfio Borghese and Adriana Russo

Alfio Borghese of the noble Borghese family has been acclaimed throughout Italy for over 40 years as an art critic, curator, art director, journalist, television host and philanthropist. Borghese produced several notable series of films and documentaries featuring the most important artists, writers and political figures of the twentieth century. He also writes weekly art editorials in newspapers, magazines & has recently written two books. He advocates for artists, from the most famous throughout Italian history, to today’s emerging and established artists. Committed to cultural exchanges, he has produced multiple events in collaboration with artists, galleries & museums in California & Italy, regularly hosting American artists at his home.

The artwork for this exhibit selected by Borghese ranges from traditional paintings of the last century, various still-lifes and landscapes of Italy, to contemporary avant-garde artistic expressions, including sculpture. The exhibit includes a painting of the great Italian director Fellini, well known by the painter Mario Russo, whose daughter, famous Italian actress Adriana Russo will be in attendance.
Sognare Italiano” By Enrico  Fanciulli

Participating Artists:
Isabel Aledo, Simone Allione, Emmanuela Thessalonica Andreozzi, Damiano Conti Borbone, Walter Capriotti, Cristina Chiesi, Ornella Cicuto, Vincenzo Contino, Domenico Salvatore Dore, Enrico Fanciulli, Paola Gallana, Paola Latrofa, Domenico Mancuso, Fiorella Manzini, David Mannarino, Susanna Marabini, Patricio Marafini, Dario Masciale, Laura Minuti, Natalia Orsini, Stefano Passoni, Maximiliano Pellegrini, Carla Romani, Mario Russo, Loredana Sala, Mario Salvo, Elisabetta Sfarda, Anai Contreras Soto, Enza Tassitani, Elisabetta Trombetti, Anna Trzuskolas & Brooke Harker. 


What: “Viva Italia- Evoluzione e Metamorfosi Di Arte”
Where: GDCA, 727 S. Spring St.  LA, 90014
When: Sunday October 28, 2018; 4-6pm reception (FREE)
Phone: (323) 309-2875