At Bergamot Station…In the framework of the partnership between Peimbert Art Contemporary and Building Bridges Art Exchange,  a reception was held for a group exhibition was presented at the gallery on November 6, 2021. Contact the gallery to view the exhibition through December 14, 2021.

This exhibition is a testament to everything humans are able to create just by using our imagination. The sample, entitled “We are still evolving,” features a diverse selection of over 20 outstanding works by artists from Mexico and Spain, all of whom explore the elements that have shaped the modern human experience, and will continue to do so.

Artists include: Lluís Barba, Francisco Esnayra, Xevi Vilaró, Ariel Vargassal, Jorge Marín, and Alberto García.

There will also be a wide variety of sculptures, mixed media, photography, and paintings, whilst demonstrating the strength of our art educational programs. For more information, please visit our website.

Please note: Due to COVID regulations, the reception will be open from 1 – 7:30pm in order to receive as many visitors as possible, without any risk of overcrowding the gallery space.

On view: November 6 – December 14, 2021

What: Artist reception
Where: Building Bridges Art Exchange, Bergamot Santa Monica, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Unit F2, Santa Monica, 90404
Phone: 323.893.3924