The Braid presents The Rest Is History,  which is the culmination of a year of mentoring and creativity from The Braid’s NEXT Emerging Artists’ Fellowship Program.  Each year, a cohort of aspiring young theatre professionals are chosen to explore how to create meaningful Jewish culture from their own perspective, under the guidance and mentorship of The Braid’s artistic director, Ronda Spinak, and veteran director and The Braid’s producing director, Susan Morgenstern.  See below for the plot info, and actors.

Photo courtesy of The Braid; Cast top row: Miata Edoga, Bonnie He, Lisa Kaminir; Bottom row: Joshua Silverstein, Cliff Weissman

As part of her mission to train future Braid show directors, Morgenstern is also excited by the cohort’s fresh approach, noting, “Every member is getting the opportunity to direct one of the show’s individual stories.  Then, our veteran lead director will oversee unifying all the elements into a cohesive show flow.  It’s inspiring to watch these future theatre-makers at work.”

The Story: He gave Meghan Markle her first kiss, and now everyone wants to know him. She lost some of her hearing when she contracted COVID and worries she won’t be able to keep singing lullabies to her four-year-old daughter. He had to tell parents that their sons had just died in Vietnam.  She fell in love with a woman at a time when that kind of loving was unacceptable. These stories and many more true personal histories come alive in the premiere of a brand-new salon show from The Braid (formerly Jewish Women’s Theatre), beginning Saturday, May 15, and running through May 24. Actors include: Miata Edoga, Bonnie He, Lisa Kaminir, Joshua Silverstein, and Cliff Weissman

The Braid’s Emerging Artists Fellowship Program will premiered Live on Zoom on May 15 and run through May 24. Tickets for The Rest is History range from $10 for students, to $20 for general single tickets, to $36 for VIP experiences. To purchase tickets and get more information (including details about Meghan’s first kiss), visit: