In the West Adams area...Thinkspace Projects presents five new exhibitions with Mark Jeffrey Santos in the main gallery. The exhibitions run through August 26, 2023.

Mark Jeffrey Santos, aka Mr. S

The gallery presents Uncharted Paths by Mark Jeffrey Santos, aka Mr. S in the main gallery. This is the artist’s debut solo exhibition in the United States. Santos’s creations show his penchant for adventurous and larger-than-life personas. There’s an instant and comfortable connection that is established once a viewer comes to experience his art. His new body of work for Uncharted Paths is based on his personal experiences traveling.

Clémentine Bal

In Gallery II, Clémentine Bal’s Magic Friends welcomes viewers into her world of characters who proudly embrace their uniqueness and vibrant colors, filling Gallery II for her debut U.S. solo exhibition. This body of work explores slightly strange, quirky, or even truly bizarre characters and a joyful luminous ensemble fueled by gradients and contrasts. Each subject was designed to celebrate their own individuality, even as some of them still struggle to accept themselves as they are.

Jamiah Calvin

Jamiah Calvin’s Reaganomics, Cocaine ’80s and the ’90s Re-Up opens in Gallery III. This new body of work uses past memories and nostalgic moments where the “hard times” were also the best of times. In no real order these paintings tell an intimate story of the artist’s world and upbringing, providing a sober view of what it meant to live in a world where drug transactions and confusing crack for candy as a child was a normalized way of life.

Wiley Wallace

Woven Trails is Wiley Wallace’s latest solo exhibition, bringing a captivating exploration of interconnectedness, time, and space to Gallery IV.  Through a harmonious fusion of yarn, threads, transparent shapes, translucent glass, hiking trails, as well as metaphysical elements, Wallace creates compositions that transcend the boundaries of the tangible world.


Finally, in Gallery V, enjoy Leader of the Pack, by. GoopMassta. This debut solo show embraces the environment of the Dog House Gallery. Playing off the irony of the dog house itself, the collection features 15 new canine-inspired works for Leader of the Pack.

On view: August 5 – 26, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Thinkspace Projects, 4207 W. Jefferson Blvd. & 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., LA 90016 (West Adams)
When: Running through August 26, 2023

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