Launch Gallery debuted “Spectral Analysis,” a three person show featuring the artworks of Kate Carvellas, Dellis Frank, and Jynx Prado. Visit the gallery on March 18, 2023 for your last chance to see the show.

Difficult to Decipher, by Kate Carvellas

The full gamut of visible wavelengths is on display at Launch Gallery. The three-person exhibition curated by Jason Jenn, features vivid assemblages and sculptures by Kate Carvellas, Dellis Frank, and Jynx Prado.

The show’s title plays with the scientific term, which is a calculation of waves and data, often involving three Cartesian spatial coordinates (X,Y, & Z), which in the case of the exhibition are creatively redefined by the three artists who each employ bold and delightful approaches to color using varied materials.

Symbolism, social commentary, complex emotions, explorations of identity, and environmental concerns are sensitively constructed into the pieces  Insightful conversations arise from material repurposing and construction methods from the use of found objects, repurposed wood, fiber, and industrial packaging. The combination of works enchants the human eye with a broad spectrum of possibilities. The visionary results are a resplendent tribute to color’s ability to recalibrate our frame of mind and emotions through the talent and guiding hand of the artist.

On view: February 25, 2023 – March 18, 2023

What: “Spectral Analysis,” opening art party
Where: LAUNCH Gallery, 170 S. La Brea Ave. LA, 90036