Noysky Projects is pleased to present, “Hexon/Hexoff,” a multidisciplinary exhibition that draws parallels between art and magic. The works from Hexon/Hexoff channel a specific outcome while creating portals that reveal the most instinctual layers of the human condition. The works include ritualistic talismans, amulets, altars, and iconography, using ancient and modern techniques ranging from traditional sculpture to animated gifs.

Curated by Sean Noyce, the group exhibition features the art of Ilona Berger and Jamson Silgnena, Nick Brown, Ciriza, Don Edler, Theo Eliezer, Rachel Lauren Kaster, Aline Mare, and Vabianna Santos
Image: Nick Brown Night like Water, oil on canvas, 96” X 78” X 20”, 2014

Magic has historically been central to art-making, often with definitive results: the assurance of a good hunt, a fertile mate, or a place in the afterlife. The production of these magical works likely induced states of trance, often with prophetic tendencies. Many artists describe this transcendence as being in “the zone.” Although the modern interpretations have changed, their basic applications have not. Our aspirations for the best job, the most attractive mate, and our eternal mark on the world are unwavering.

The objectives of these works vary wildly, including protesting an unjust directive; channeling the voices of the underrepresented; harnessing the power of nature; deriving empathy through vicarious states of being; and healing through ritualistic processes. As diverse as they may seem, the works in Hexon/Hexoff share a common goal: empowering those who have been marginalized by society.

Although much of the work in “Hexon/Hexoff” may not have direct associations with the occult, both the process and the product are seen as a physical manifestations of meditation, contemplation, and ritual, which are central to sorcery. Through the use of alchemy, these artists combine fragments of their past, present, and future, while illuminating a higher level of consciousness. Participating artists: Ilona Berger/Jamson Silgnena, Nick Brown, Ciriza, Don Edler, Theo Eliezer, Rachel Kaster Foster, Aline Mare, and Vabianna Santos.

On view: March 4 – April 1, 2017

What: Opening reception
Where: Noysky Projects, 6727 7⁄8 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
When: March 4, 2017, 6:00pm – 9:00pm