Stop by Beyond the Lines Gallery to see its ”Abstract” show. It opened on March 4, and extends through March 12, 2017.
The exhibition will feature a variety of media. “I love abstract work but do not necessarily prefer it to other figurative pieces finding beauty in both,” said gallerist Brittany Davis. “I enjoy seeing the textures and bold colors that tend to flow into one another moving your eye around the piece in the direction of lines and shapes that pull you closer.  Making you stop and feel an emotion rather then examine an object or form.”

BMar4-2017-BTL-MarianneRKlein-Solitude24x30orn in Budapest, Hungary, Marianne R. Klein studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada. Since then, she had several shows, both in Canada as well as in Los Angeles. 

Image: Marianne R. Klein, Solitude 24 x 30

Her art collection is a series of acrylic on canvas impressionistic and figurative works that depicts a symphony of colors. She also enjoys experimenting with different mediums and techniques.

When Marianne is not painting, she is busy writing. A published author, Marianne’s book All the Pretty Shoes is currently available on and can be viewed at She is also a screenwriter. Visit her Facebook Page.

Terry Marks-Tarlow is an artist, author, illustrator, clinical psychologist, dancer, yogini, and most recently librettist for an opera, “Cracked Orlando” about to open with a ballet at Lincoln Center in New York City.

March4-2017-BTL-TerryMarksTarlow-UnbearableLightness AImage: Terry Marks-Tarlow, Unbearable Lightness

In addition to being a successful psychotherapist, each month Terry hosts a life drawing session with a small group of artists and an artist model. “One month, we had a very different model–a dance teacher and professor of dance and film at UCLA, who curates the dance films for the Topanga Film Festival.

This woman’s body was very different from most of our models, and initially I felt like I couldn’t capture her lines at all. In fact, I felt like my form and drawings were breaking down and fragmenting. Later, when I looked back, I realized I had had a breakthrough in capturing the dancing and highly energetic essence of this woman in more abstract form. The result was the Unbearable Lightness.

Artists include: Betsy Enzensberger, Preston Craig, The Sneed, Quin Zhang, Brain Smith, Lucie Hinden, Shula Arbel Singer, Terry Marks-Tarlow, Stuart Marcus, Barbara Mastej, John Ransom, Marianne Klein, Paul Farmer, Melinda Smith, Carl Shubs, Robert Rosenblum, Robbie Kaye, Danielle Vernaz-Munier, Taly Bar, Sali Swalla, Kevin Keul, Emily Halpern, Haleh Davoudi, Chung Ping, Kate Carvellas, and Skye Amber Sweet.

On view: March 4 – March 12, 2017

Where: Beyond the Lines Gallery, Bergamot Station Arts Center, (G8), 2525 Michigan Avenue, SM, 90404